Welcome to Larue Coffee!


LaRue Coffee Roasterie has been in business since 1972 and enjoys the finest reputation as an industry leader. We roast and package our coffees daily at our state of the art production facility.


LaRue prides itself on quality products. As you might assume, coffee is our specialty. LaRue coffees are roasted daily at our local facility to exact blend and roast specifications ensuring consistent quality and freshness. We supply gourmet, flavored, espresso and custom roast coffees to meet your individual needs. However, we are much more than a cup of coffee... we are Beverage Experts. We have a full line of Hot Drinks, Cider, and the best Cappuccinos and Lattes available. We are one of the nation's largest distributors of China Mist® Iced Tea products. Our exclusive brand of LaRue slushie products is recognized as one of the best frozen drink programs in the country. We also supply all the condiments, food, paper products and other items to support your beverage needs, making us your one stop shop.


LaRue provides name brand, state-of-the-art equipment from Bunn-o-matic, Curtis, Gemini, Fetco, Cecilware, and Newco on a loan basis. Recognizing that our customers have diverse equipment needs, we offer several maintenance and service programs - so whether you own your equipment or we provide it, we have a comprehensive plan to meet your needs. In addition, our route sale representatives keep backups for most machines on their route trucks in case of an emergency.


At LaRue we have a passion for providing excellent customer service. Beverage equipment requires ongoing maintenance and service, which is provided at no additional charge. With scheduled route delivery, we will service, clean, and inspect all equipment to insure trouble free operation. Because we understand down equipment is lost revenue, our goal is to maintain your equipment at a level where service calls are virtually non-existent. If we find a potential problem that cannot be fixed on the spot, we exchange your machine, then send it to our service facility for a comprehensive inspection and refurbishing process.


All of LaRue's beverage products are supported with innovative marketing and merchandising programs, point of sale materials and special programs to meet individual customer needs. Our focus is cultivating profits for your company, and we pride ourselves on fostering win-win relationships with customers and vendors.