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Coffee Education

LaRue Coffee and Roasterie has been in business since 1972 and enjoys the finest reputation as an industry leader. We roast and package our coffees daily at our state-of-the-art production facility.

LaRue prides itself on quality products. As you might assume, coffee is our specialty. LaRue coffees are roasted daily at our local facility to exact blend and roast specifications ensuring consistent quality and freshness. We supply gourmet, flavored, espresso and custom roast coffees to meet your individual needs.

We like to educate and share knowledge about the growing coffee industry. The following is an insight of what we do daily here at LaRue Coffee and Roasterie. 


Here at LaRue, we start with Green Coffee Beans to create our customers personalized products. When we order green coffee beans, it is imported and delivered to us via semi-truck. The entire 53 feet trailer is packed full of burlap sacks full of green coffee beans. They are stacked roughly 4 burlap bags high due to the sheer size of the bags and the manpower needed to move the burlap bags.  



Once the truck is at our dock, we then place the green coffee beans onto large pallets for storage. We use this method of storage for more stable stacks that can be moved with a forklift. Moving these bags onto the pallets is not a simple task. Each bag weights 130+ lbs.! It takes team work to get these bags placed correctly onto the pallets and organize the pallets in our warehouse. When stacking the pallets, we here at LaRue use the term "tossing the bags". This is because our staff has to almost throw the bag on the pallet due to the weight, even with two people handling it at a time. On average it takes about 2.5 hours to remove all the green coffee from the semi. On this truck, we received 42,528 lbs. of green coffee beans.

Please click the links to send you to our YouTube channel to show you a short video of this hard work in fast motion and a slow motion of a bag being “tossed”.

Loading full pallet of Green Coffee Bean Bags

Slow Motion Green Coffee Bean Bag


Here at LaRue Coffee and Roasterie, we will go through 42,528 lbs. of green coffee beans easily within 30 days. The bags we receive are from many origins. This shipment had green coffee beans from Mexico, Uganda, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Colombia. Each burlap bag has specific and unique markings on it indicating where the beans came from and what kind they are. You can see the variety of colors and symbols in our photos.

Please stay tuned for more LaRue Coffee Education to come!!!